Personal Training

Our qualified trainers are here to help you evaluate, set, and reach your fitness and wellness goals. When you sign up, we will find a trainer best suited to you, your needs, and your schedule. Our trainers will guide you step-by-step through a personalized workout.

Our trainers are here to encourage and motivate you throughout your workout, helping you stay on track and perform the exercises correctly, ensuring you always have the correct form and maximal results. Your trainer will also record your progress and your preferred and most performed exercises so that your workouts are always up to date.

Training sessions are offered any day of the week and time slots. Prices vary according to the package that fits your budget.

To sign up please visit our front desk during our staff hours from:
-8am-10pm Monday – Friday
-9am-5pm Saturday – Sunday.

Ronak Sawhney

Ronak is not only the CEO at Quick Fitness, he also teaches personal as well as group training sessions. His passion for fitness, along with a strong motivation to help others reach their fitness goals helps clients get optimal results.

“Being a trainer is a very important aspect of my life. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and motivating everyone around me to keep striving for improvement. I truly believe in hard work, determination and time-based results. Helping others and teaching is a fundamental part of who I am and I am happy to be able to do what I love every single day. “

Adam Camara

Adam is the General Manager and also has the longest tenure at Quick Fitness. He is completely dedicated to seeing his clients succeed. His highly motivated work ethic coupled with his dedication to his clients has helped numerous people succeed and achieve their goals. He graduated from Humber College from the Fitness and Health Promotion course, received two podium finishes for Men’s Physique shows, and has competed in running events of various distances.

“I love my career for allowing me to guide people on a day by day basis on how to gradually improve their well being. All of my clients teach me something new, and together we accomplish something great. For every session we complete, a small victory is made. There is no feeling more gratifying than when clients can genuinely tell me that because of what we have done together their lives have changed for the better.”

Ricky Gwee

Ricky’s love for fitness and mobility is what drove him to be a personal trainer as well as a group instructor here at Quick Fitness. With a pleasing personality & a background in martial arts, Ricky uses his knowledge and drive to inspire clients to reach their fitness goals and make positive changes in their lives.

“I feel there is nothing more satisfying than making a career out of your passion. My outlook on health is that movement is medicine and believe that everyone should have some form of physical activity in their life, be it walking, sports or resistance training. As a Personal Trainer, watching clients make progress and reach their goals is extremely fulfilling and I love helping people discover what they are truly capable of.”

Amanda Mulholland

Amanda developed a passion for fitness while pursuing her diploma in Fitness and Health. She constantly motivates her clients to never give up and always strive for success by giving their 100% in everything that they do. Proud founder of the Abs and Conditioning class, Amanda loves dealing with clients whether its 1 on 1 or in a group class environment.

“Since I have grown up as an athlete, I know exactly what its like to have a goal and successfully achieve it. I have learnt to never give up and that is exactly what I promote. As a trainer, I relish opportunities and strive to push my clients to their limits in order to get the best possible results.”